Friday, 30 November 2007


In the aftermath of the Australian federal election on November 24th, political commentators, columnists and bloggers are falling over one another in a race to define and analyse the so-called "legacy" of the John Howard years. The usual conservative suspects are whipping up their sticky souffl├ęs of sickeningly sycophantic superlatives to scatter adoringly at the feet of their former Grand Master and current Deity Elect.

Witness Greg Sheridan from The Australian in this creepy piece of fawning pap:

"An absolute giant" ... "dazzlingly revolutionary moments" ... "exceptional courage" ... "brilliant strategic move" ... "never shirked from the fight " ... "an old-fashioned gentleman" ... "a decent bloke by any measure" ... "grew immeasurably" ... "decent man" ... "genuinely great prime minister" ... "a giant" ... and ... "On Iraq, Howard made the right call on the information available, and it took incredible guts to do it. There were certainly no lies involved - every responsible authority was convinced Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction - and Howard will be vindicated by history."

Sheridan appears to have disappeared so firmly up his own fantastic fundament that not only has he discovered a new dimension of reality, but also his navel flaps every time he draws a breath.

Here’s a little something just for poor ol’ Greg ...

From 1985, Godley & Creme “Cry”

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