Friday, 8 May 2009


Now that I’ve been a God for a bit now, I thought I’d take a break and go down to Sydney for a visit.

But then I realised that being a God means you’re everywhere all at once and all at the same time, so I must’ve already been there when I arrived.

I could have saved myself the fucking air fare.

I’m so dense at times.


Food tastes the same when you’re a God. You’d think it’d be spiffed up a bit, wouldn’t you?

I had a burger with cheese for lunch yesterday. And a Coke.

We have a vending machine upstairs. You can get Coke for a buck forty a can. At the shop it’s two bucks.

That’s sixty cents.


If you had, let’s see, if you had a can of Coke every day of the year for lunch, and you bought it upstairs instead of the shop, that’d be, it’d be … about two hundred bucks a year.



I did that without a calculator.

We’re good at stuff like that. Gods.

I might have a pizza today.

Or a pie. And a sausage roll.

There’s a good pie shop the other side of the station.

It’s okay, I mean. It’s not fantastic. What I mean by “good”. You know?

I must be in a mood.

Do you think?

It’s not easy being a God. Lots of stuff to do. To think about.


There’s a curry house up the road.

I like curry.

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