Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Alexander Downer is all a-twitter over journalist Peter Hartcher’s summation of his brilliant career ...

What more can a poor boy do ...

“I’d spent 40 minutes talking to him to help him with a book he is writing about the Howard years.”

A whole 40 minutes?! ... No doubt the provision of this valuable and extensive source of vital information will result in a 3 volume epic ...

“And the week before he’d been at a conference with me in Washington and seemed perfectly affable. He was pleading with me for time to help him with his book.”

Pleading? "Oh, please, Alex ... PLEASE! PLEEEEEEEASE!" ...

Somehow, I doubt it.

“Mind you, we all know there’s nothing worse than an insincere opportunist.”

Oh, for God’s sake, just fuck off, Alex. Take your WMD's with you and blow 'em out your stockinged arse, you huffy little twat.

From 1980, Split Enz “Poor Boy”

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Terry Wright said...

Howdy Ross.

I love the video clip.

Brings back some memories.