Tuesday, 8 July 2008


A mother takes a photo of her child for artistic purposes and the morally righteous wrath of the nation's so-called "leaders" crashes down upon her head.

A Catholic priest sexually abuses a minor, is given a
"token sentence of four seconds", and the nation's so-called "leaders" fall over themselves to throw cunts like this a week-long party.

By these criteria, if convicted pedophile
Dennis Ferguson had been a priest, he would've scored ... oh, about 20 seconds of punishment for his crimes. What a slog.

No doubt Ferguson now rues the career path he chose for himself in his younger days. I'm sure he would've proven himself a fine "servant of the Lord".


Anonymous said...

well said, Ross.

And I hadn't picked up the four second sentence he was given in the news reports. What's the story there?

Ross Sharp said...

Damned if I know, but I wanted to punch a wall when I read it.