Thursday, 11 December 2008


One last thing ... have just released their
100 most-clicked upon stories of the year. Here are the keywords from the Top 40 headlines ...

40. Racy Stephanie Rice
39. Bingle topless shots
38. Xbox
37. Schoolgirl raped
36. Named and shamed
35. Naughty Nikki
34. Brisbane Broncos
33. 19-year-old / Suicide / Webcam
32. David Brown / Sunrise
31. iPhone
30. Cosmetic surgery addict
29. Suicidal jumper
28. Girlfriend was a bloke
27. Stolen Generations
26. Orgies / Nude resort
25. Incest couple
24. Teenage / Orgy
23. Sonia Kruger
22. Sex act / Toilets
21. Lindsay Lohan / Lesbian lover
20. Mark Priestley
19. Porn
18. Ex-Idol
17. Penis
16. Sex / Video
15. Porn shock
14. Call girl
13. Google
12. Horrified
11. Jess Origliasso / Porn
10. Brendan David Dennison
09. Giant spider
08. Alien
07. Bigfoot
06. Patrick Swayze
05. Stephanie Rice
04. Pink
03. iPhone
02. Fishy-smelling
01. Heath Ledger

My natural inclination toward misanthropic nihilism just got a whole lot worse.


Toaf said...

Patrick fucking Swayze?!!!1

Terry Wright said...

AS another year draws to a close we could ruminate sagely from the journalistic tower on the defining moments of 2008 - the global financial crisis; terror in Mumbai; the China quake; the historic election of a black president in the US.

Journalistic??? It's porn, orgies, celebrities and iPhones.

This is supposed to be Australia's largest news service! ... pffft. It's just too funny to be true.

Ross Sharp said...

You know, I reckon if everyone ignored the internet for a whole year, we might all become a helluva lot smarter as a species.

smartestguyintheroom said...

fuck off and die.
you have the most shit website ever.
you can't write, you aren't funny, and you'reonly alive because it's illeagal to kill you.

Toaf said...

Ross, I think smartestguyintheroom has just proven your point several times over.