Monday, 1 December 2008


This blog was one year old on Sunday 30th November, 2008.

And, as I’ll be taking leave in a couple of weeks and will be flat out busy from now till then with work, there may not be too much happenin’ hereabouts for the rest of the year. However, maybe that’s just as well …

… For here are some of the things people have wanted to find out about over the last year which led them to this site.

None of them stuck around for very long, and I do believe they left none the wiser for their queries ...

pretty tongues
black man smelly
black women tongues on youtube
fat people tongues
girls with smelly tongues
hard smelly tongue
holy martin is smelly
is childbirth smelly
lindsay lohan tongues
mentally ill sufferers speaking in tongues
painty smelly
people with smelly tongues
power smelly
smelly andrew
smelly black snake
smelly bush
smelly cunts
smelly flies
smelly knicker movies
smelly knicker vids
smelly knickers
smelly music
smelly nuts
smelly pincle
smelly radio
smelly sniffing
smelly teeth
smelly war
snakes with black tongues
tongues and perfect
tongues, australian for
tonguing milf
troy buswell chair sniffing smelly
ugly smelly milf
video free petite longue tongue
youtube kids tongues
youtube very smelly

People are deep. Very, very deep.


Anonymous said...

Happy blogbirthday, Ross!

Scott said...

Well done, Ross.

Ross Sharp said...

Thanks Ant & Scott.

Anonymous said...

what's a smelly pincle?

Ross Sharp said...

I don't know, Anonymous, and I'm not game to go find out considering what else is on that list.

Terry Wright said...

One year old ... well done, Ross.

A very funny place to visit and one of my favourite blogs!

Ross Sharp said...

Thanks very much, Terry. Appreciated.