Thursday, 5 March 2009


Do you ever find yourself randomly clicking about the intertubes and all of a sudden you wind up clicking something that leads you to a trailer for a movie you knew nothing about but when you see it the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in anticipation?

"The Watchmen".

I practically busted a zipper when I learnt this is gonna hit our screens in July ...


c N m said...

Keep up the good fight my friend.

Ross Sharp said...

c N m! Where the fuck did you come from? And how the fuck did you find this sad excuse for a blog? I didn't know anyone knew I had a blog ...

That's a great photo, by the way. Thanks for that. It has been duly saved and passed on to many people.

My blogging is a little irregular at the moment as you may see from my most recent post.

Such is life.

c N m said...

What the fuck do you mean, where the fuck did I come from? I'm fucken omnipotent.

And I found your fucken blog because I'm fucken omniscient.

I'm fucken glad you liked the fucken photo, it will be fucken deleted soon to avoid further fucken embarrassment.

And one more fucken thing; not every cunt has a fucken neighbours cat to fucken play with, you know. In lieu of that, what's wrong with fucken people finding fucken solace in fucken bridge bunnies? Fuck!

Best fucken Regards,

Ross Sharp said...

Well, fuck, eh?

Yes. That is the "thing". The "fuck". What is it? It is that, and that only.

This thing of which we speak ...

The "fuck".