Thursday, 5 March 2009


So I'm flicking around the glass teat last night to see what variation on the usual themes of frauds, freaks and fatties our so-called "current affairs" programs are going to bang on about when Channel Nine's "A Current Affair" begins and host Tracy Grimshaw starts a story about the Lahore attacks with ...

"World cricket's underbelly

Are there no depths these shitheads will not plumb to promote or link a story to their crappy fucking television series?

No. No, there aren't.


Belief beggared.


Toaf said...

I heard some late night news while at work a week or so ago. There had been a gang-related murder somewhere or other. Nine's news reader called it, "an underbelly-style slaying" or something like that. Shameless.

Anonymous said...

It's called Underbooby in my house. More disturbing still. Don't you think that uneven smear of vaseline ringing Tracy Grimshaw's mouth is getting bigger and bigger? What's with that?

Ross Sharp said...

What makes you think it's vaseline, Anon?

It could be ... ah, no, that would be just too rude.