Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Sarah Palin.

What on earth was John McCain thinking? The woman might well be able to kill her own food, but outside of that, she's dumber than a box of rocks.

Why can't we have someone with a brain if we're going to have someone at all? I mean, isn't it about time after 8 fucking years? Why do we have to have stupid people trying to run the world all the time? Why do we let them? Why can't they stick to playing sport like the stupid people are supposed to do?

Haven’t we had enough of dumb?

I'm not going to run about beating my chest and banging my head against a wall if McCain's elected President in November. After George W. Bush was installed for a second term in 2004, the futility of that type of response became quickly apparent to me. It hurts for no good reason. To be perfectly honest, after Bush they could make
Duck Dodgers President for all I fucking care.

Sarah Palin?

I'd rather see Britney Spears as V.P. The most damage she could do would be to wobble about the White House lawns drunk and throw up on some bushes.

Sarah Palin?

She's an intergalactic traveller without a ship. An antler short of a full set. Not only is there nobody at home, the roaches fucked off 'cause they were scared of the dark and the mice have hung themselves by their own tails. There's naught there but dust bunnies now. Dust bunnies and crusty bits of antique snot under the couch cushions.

I'm scared, mummy.

There's a
crazy woman on the tee-vee.

She wants to run the world.

she can see Russia from her house.

From 1963, Matt Monroe “From Russia With Love”

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