Thursday, 11 September 2008


It’s not difficult to get caught up in the enthusiasm and excitement of the various boffins and scientists who’ve gone all gooey over this thing even if, like myself, you’re buggered if you know what it all actually means. But, as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki was working himself into a nerdboy lather about it this morning on Channel 7’s “Sunrise” program, I couldn’t help but share a sense of wonder and awe over the achievement …

… Typically however, as the world came to know of the impending experiment and the usual suspects in the foot soldiers of the stupid indulged their penchant for end-of-times panic, many chose to focus on the cost of it all.

$4.75 billion dollars.

“Heavens!” they whined, “Surely we can find better things to spend our money on? Think of the starving millions!”

But as the host of "Sunrise" was about to bring up the cost with Kruszelnicki on the program as if it should be relevant to him (or us), the doctor was quick enough to politely point out that it was equal to “the cost of 3 American bomber planes”.

Which ended that line of inquiry quick smart.

Perspective. The good doctor has it.

“Sunrise” host. Pwned.

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