Thursday, 19 February 2009


World asplodes!

JULIA Gillard's office was in damage control last night after a staff member inadvertently told a western Sydney journalist to "f..k off" in an email on ABC Learning.

Opposition childcare spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella said: "This is a real insight into what (the ALP) think of the real world, into how they operate".

Things were way more civil back in olden times, weren't they? ...

JEFF KENNETT: He said to me, “I didn’t like the way you kept me out of the campaign”. I said, “Wouldn’t have you in it, and I didn’t have any federal people in it.”

ANDREW PEACOCK: Well you didn’t have me. Didn’t have anyone.

KENNETT: And I said to him, “Tomorrow, I’m going to bucket the whole lot of you”.

PEACOCK: No! Don’t do that Jeffrey.

KENNETT: Hold your flow. I said, “Tomorrow John” and he said, “I know where your sympathies lie”, and I said, “I couldn’t give a fuck. I have no sympathies any more. You’re all a pack of shits and tomorrow I’m going berserk”. Well he went off his brain and in the end I said to him, I said, “Howard. You’re a cunt. You haven’t got my support, you never will have and I’m not going to rubbish you or the party tomorrow but I feel a lot better having told you you’re a cunt.”

PEACOCK: Oh shit!

KENNETT: And the poor little fellow didn’t know whether he was Arthur or Martha.

Yep. Way more civil. Reckon so.


staydead23 said...

i'd forgotten about that. jeff really seems to be a good judge of character. cunt.

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