Friday, 13 February 2009


Last night, my first real meal in six days after retching sickness. A six buck takeaway of soy-steamed chicken in noodle soup. And a can of Guinness.

My, it was good.

And now, to another matter entirely ...

I didn't catch the original UK version of "Life On Mars", but I've managed to catch the first 2 episodes of the US edition and so far I like what I'm seeing. What can you say about Harvey Keitel that hasn't already been said? The man's a fucking legend. And Gretchen Moll is practically unrecognisable from the last role I saw her in as
Betty Page. Anyway, the theme song has been rabbiting around my head all day, so I thought I may as well plonk it down here ...

From 1973, David Bowie "Life On Mars"

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Anonymous said...

David Bowie with his original teeth. How retro.