Wednesday, 18 February 2009


As we all know by now, Michelle Obama is poised, articulate, self-confident and highly intelligent. She's also very fucking hot.

And I do have the impression that, if you were to get into her bad books or piss her off by assuming that she is none of these things that she would simply tear you twelve new arseholes and play ping-pong with your eyeballs.

So I very much doubt the First Lady needs
any advice of any kind from some stupid addle-brained bint who thinks this type of brainless bollocks makes sense.

A "Homeopathic dowser healer" who, for £85 “will sell you a pile of stones and instructions on how to lay them out in the garden”?


Just shut up and fuck off, Cherie. Go eat a wafer.


Terry Wright said...

Ross, the difference is that Michelle is married to an intelligent, well rounded leader whilst Cherrie is married to a self infatuated, lying loose-arse.

If Cherie spoke her mind, it would just confirm that both of them are idiots and not just Tony but if Michelle speaks then it confirms that the Obamas are an intelligent couple.

Ross Sharp said...

It's odd having smart people in charge for a change, isn't it, Terry?