Thursday, 16 October 2008


According to Miranda Devine, women don't like cut-snake crazy Sarah Palin because she's ... a woman.

I have a feeling, just a feeling mind, that many women don't like cut-snake crazy Sarah because
she wants to take ownership of their wombs and insist that, even if they're raped, even if they’re raped by their own fathers, well goshdarnit, it was probably all their own fault anyway, and, dagnabbit, they should have the chil' cause that's what the Lord would want and if they are raped and the police have to do a forensic test, cut-snake crazy Sarah will send those women a bill for police services rendered.

I wonder if cut-snake crazy Sarah would think it a good idea to allow the rapist the right to bond with the child they're responsible for? Family's family after all, and next to God, guns, apple pie and mom, what would become of a child without a full set of folks?

Gay, most probably.

However, I have this sneaky suspicion, just a suspicion mind, that many women don't like cut-snake crazy Sarah because she's something of a piss-puddle in the Gobi when it comes to the depth-of-thinking department and also, she's just a fucking cunt.

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Terry Wright said...

Just when I thought I was finally going to read a whole post without swearing or verbal debauchery, I get to the last sentence.

LOL once more.