Wednesday, 22 October 2008


When I first heard on the weekend that Guy Ritchie had (allegedly) said of Madonna that "she looked like a granny and couldn't act", I bust out laughing and went on giggling for the better part of the morning. He must have been saving that one up since "Swept Away".

Some people, however, tend to take a rather bleaker view of Granma Madge’s
comings and goings, finding in them portents of darker, dimmer days to come ...

2:42 PM Kim Says:

Armageddon will be a wonderful time indeed. No more of this filthy, immoral conduct or the ones condoning & perpetrating it. The whole thing is sickening, & it seems the more nasty, immoral, untrustworthy & debauchery manner in which folks behave, the more the world loves them. Good & decent true Christian people do not take delight in such filthy, destructive behavior. Madonna looks like she's over the hill, very oldish, like granny-like nowadays but still has never changed her immoral filthy spirit inside. Her heart has always been like black coal, in that it can never be washed clean. I feel badly for her children & Cynthia's children. I could care less about A-Rod and Madonna. There will be news within the next year that "they are no longer seeing one another". And to the first answerer above, you feed right along with what the world loves to see, promiscuity and taking much delight in the senselessness and degradation of this entire situation saying Madonna is hot. Satan certainly has a grip on the weak-minded and truly disgusting ones.

Filthy. Immoral. Sickening. Nasty. Immoral. Untrustworthy. Debauchery. Filthy. Destructive. Immoral. Filthy. Promiscuity. Senselessness. Degradation. Weak-minded. Disgusting

Sheesh, Kim, they’re only getting divorced, not buggering orphaned black babies with silver-studded strap-ons and taking happy snaps of the doin’s …

Meanwhile ...

“Madonna’s 1965 stage acting debut as Mary Magdalene in her hometown church’s nativity play prompted horrified members of the small Michigan congregation to hastily organise a demon-expelling intervention in order to aid in the relief of any further community suffering.”

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