Thursday, 15 May 2008


Honestly, listening to the cacophony of complaints as footsoldiers from the legions of the stupid whine about the unfairness of being expected to cope with life and the raising of their kiddies on a salary of 150K per annum in light of recent budget cuts is enough to make a person want to punch a wall.

It would, as one letter writer in today's Sydney Morning Herald put it, "bring tears to a glass eye".

On ABC Sydney radio 702 yesterday morning, a woman rang host Deborah Cameron to inform her that, even though her and her husband's combined income was over 150K per annum, it was quite a stretch to raise 8 children on such an appallingly piddly little amount.

8 children.

As subsequent callers were compelled to point out, hadn't the woman ever heard of contraceptives? And, frankly, if you are planning on having a large family, make damn sure you can afford to do so in the first place. Otherwise, just fuck off.

No doubt this rabidly reproducing creature and her eight womb warts will be in the thick of it come World Youth Day ...

Let's see now ...

... Last night, as I wandered past the local pizza joint on my way to the pub for a spot of B!I!N!G!E! D!R!I!N!K!I!N!G! (3 schooners,
2 of which will apparently increase my risk of cancer by 75% fuckyouverymuchandpleasepassthefagsgotalight?), I spotted a poster advertising an upcoming tour from the cooler-than-fuck Barry Adamson during June ...

... Adamson, one time member of seminal 80's post-punk outfit Magazine and subsequent Bad Seed, has been pumping out albums of down-and-dirty-noir-funk-faux-soundtrack excellence for the better part of two decades now, and I shall definitely be in attendance when he pimp-rolls into Brisbane ...

... Here are the dates - Brisbane, Wednesday 18th at The Zoo, Fortitude Valley; Melbourne, Thursday 19th at The Corner Hotel, Richmond; Sydney, Friday 20th at The Factory, Enmore; and Perth, Saturday 21st at The Bakery Artrage Complex, Northbridge ...

... Adamson's eighth album
"Back To The Cat" is out now and must be purchased. Understand? Get thee to a discery ...

... In other news, my inner nerd-cum-Comic Book Guy went slightly spastic with pleasure this morning when I heard of the imminent release of a new X-Files movie,
"I Want To Believe" ...

... Yes, yes, I know, don't say it, for I well realise that, as I slouch towards this so-called milestone of age that is FIFTY, my pleasures should be more in tune with stuff such as "The Bill" or "Midsommer Murders", a spot of tea and a little light opera, but the first few seasons of Chris Carter's series were damn fine things and the memory of their excellence should not be forever sullied simply because of the utter crap it became in it's final dying days.

It's my second childhood and I'll have it as I choose.

And, no. I will not go to my room.

So there.

From 1989, Barry Adamson “The Man With The Golden Arm”


Terry Wright said...

I never got into the X-Files. It was OK but it just didn't do it for me.

BUT!!! Chris Carter did do my favourite all time TV series, Millennium. Man, it was awesome.

He did another show called Harsh Realm which I thought was great but it got canned before the season finished.

I don't know why I haven't got the X-Files bug because it sounds like my type of show. Maybe I will give it another try.

If you haven't seen Millennium, do it. The best mindfuck ever. It's like a cross between Lost and The Inside. Intense stuff.

Ross Sharp said...

Hi Terry - hope you had a nice Xmas. I have seen Millenium, but I still prefer the X-Files. Unfortunately, the show lost the plot for me after the first feature film and I gave up on it.

I'd recommend the series "American Gothic" if you haven't seen it. Came out in the second half of the 90's and only ran for one season. You can pick up the DVD for about 25 bucks and it's well worth it. That's my favourite.