Friday, 2 May 2008

@#$! OFF!

I really should give up listening to and watching news programs and reading newspapers as, it seems, every day I feel that life on earth as we know it has been taken hostage by some of the dumbest fuck-knuckle dipshit halfwits that have ever been spat from the womb of woman to walk upright on the earth.

It happened yesterday, and it's happened again today ... On
Deborah Cameron's morning radio program on Sydney ABC 702, debate continues to rage about the pro's and cons of the usage of the word "fuck" on television shows like Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and Underbelly. Like cockroaches scuttling from a kitchen cupboard in the presence of light, the morally upright maggots of the righteous as typified in this particular case by Fucking Liberal Fucking Senator Cory Fucking Bernardi are howling like stuck fucking banshees about the hellish fucking effect that this fucking word "fuck" will have upon the fucking children, innocent and pure as the driven fucking snow the little fuckers have heretofore always fucking been.

What a fucking load of utter fucking rubbish.

It matters not how often one says it, but the message never appears to sink through to the withered and denuded organs that (allegedly) function as "brains" for these witless fucking tools ...


Good God almighty, if you won't smote these stupid fucking bastards sometime soon, I swear to fucking Jesus, I'm going to go fucking postal in a mall and do it all my fucking self.

There is no law that is writ as far as I'm aware, that says that you, the viewer of free-to-air television, have some right to have your easily-addled little noggins coddled like eggs in a plush cushion of velvet.

So fucking turn it off. Understand? Clear?


And, if your delicate little fucking petals, the joyous and innocent fucking fruits of your meaty fucking loins want to watch it, pull your head from out of your fat fucking arse and tell them to fuck off to their fucking rooms and go to fucking bed.

There, they can always entertain their fucking little selves by logging on to YouTube and watching some of their fucking schoolmates beat the living shit out of fat and disabled kids.

No doubt far healthier entertainment for them than a television show about fucked up fucking restaurants.

Fuck me dead.

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