Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Andrew Bolt, he don’t like movies ...

“Taxpayers have invested $104.36 million since 2000 on film and documentary projects through the Australian Film Commission, its financial statements show. Just $12.29 million has been returned. Millions of dollars in other grants are available through state agencies, including the NSW Film and Television Office, which last financial year spent $6.749m and got returns of $948,000.”

this, apparently, is perfectly fine ...

“[Former] PRIME Minister John Howard has spent nearly $2 billion on government advertising and information campaigns since coming to power 11 years ago.

A Sunday Age investigation has found that just weeks from calling an election, the Government has 18 advertising campaigns on the air, with a $23 million climate change campaign to air after this week's APEC conference.

The Sunday Age investigation has also shown that since the last election in 2004, Mr Howard has spent a record $850 million of taxpayers' money on government advertising. The Government disputes this figure. "It's probably closer to $400 million," said Peter Phelps, chief of staff to Special Minister of State Gary Nairn.

Spending this year is expected to peak at $200 million before Mr Howard calls the election. After that, the Government will be prevented from airing any communication campaigns because they could influence the election.”

At least film investment generates some return. The government advertisements,
on the other hand ...

Andrew Bolt. What a silly bunt.

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Terry Wright said...

Andrew Bolt. What a silly bunt.
Very good.