Friday, 11 April 2008


Jack Marx, on his blog of April 11, 2008, spits the dummy and delivers a most righteous and admirable rant ...

“It was Demi Moore who started it back in 1991. Before then, getting pregnant was seen as something of a temporary disaster for an entertainer’s career, all photo shoots, publicity capers and public arsery put on hold while real life, quite literally, became too important for the nonsense of showbiz. Today, scoring oneself a “baby bump” is like releasing a new CD, with celebrities lining up to expose their bulging tummies to the masses, their spherical guts accompanied by leers that seem to say: “Look, everybody! I’ve been @#$%ed!”. It’s the big dick competition of the 21st century, and it’s time this childsplay were terminated.”

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Terry Wright said...

I had only ever read bad things about Jack Marx but every post I have read by him seems to be spot on.

Mind you I have only read 4-5 posts.